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Working Principle of Concept Cars

Working Principle of Concept Cars

The world of concept car is altogether different from usual cars. Concept cars are made to display new technology, designs and innovative ideas to make a car. Very often these cars are displayed at famous auto shows to gauge consumer reactions.

Harley Earl from General Motors invented the idea of concept cars, and Buick Y-Job was the very first concept car produced by Buick. Concept cars are also referred to as prototype cars, but are all altogether different from prototype race cars.

Designing of Concept Cars

Designers work very hard to create a cutting edge car, they use the newest technologies to blow people's mind. Very often these cars have radical engine or model. Some designers go for traditional concepts and others choose nontraditional concepts to design a concept car. Initially, all innovative ideas of concept cars are sketched out on paper and is further modified into 3D model or full sized clay model. Several small models of 1/6th scale are built at first before finalizing the actual car model. Even in this 21st century, it is essential to make a full sized clay model. After finalizing the clay model, concept cars are built.

Engineers built concept cars altogether from scratch, or might start from an older model chassis and further modify the same. While making concept car, every part of car is modified by hand rather than machine. Every piece of metal is welded by designers and artists. Many cars such as Porsche Boxster and Ford Thunderbird started out as concept cars and they were so real and popular that they became real cars.

Most Popular Concept cars

Futura from Batman series is one of the most popular concept cars ever built. BMW M3 is an advance version of BMW 3 series, developed by BMW. It is one of the finest luxurious and sports concept car ever made. Honda Integra is the pinnacle of Honda engineering and is one of the most luxurious front drive car made by Honda. Audi's e-tron concept car is possibly to be the best car of 2011, for its world class design and hybrid power engine of diesel as well as electric charge.