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Rinspeed BamBoo 2011

Rinspeed Bamboo 2011

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show was the major attraction for the dreamers at Rinspeed vehicles. Their latest concept car BamBoo2011 was revealed in Switzerland. Looks like a mixture of a Jeep Wrangler

and Scion xB, the Rinspeed BamBoo appears to be an excellent beach-going vehicle.

Since the vehicle is called BamBoo, it is easy to guess that the fabric will be discovered somewhere in the workings from the vehicle. Rinspeed states that bamboo fibers really are a component of key aspects of the inside, but it’ll probably have to wait for Geneva to get more data.

The truth is that it’ll need to wait until it uncover out a great deal about this open-top vehicle. The only real other information able to pull in the press release is that, if produced, this vehicle will more than be electric for your small little bit of renovation necessary for this retro style.

With all of this nicely packaged way of life the underlying technical specifications, the “BamBoo” were simply overlooked: The four four-seater features of an electric motor in the German Fräger Group (German e-Cars) with 54 kW of power. This “made in Germany” high-torque motor accelerates the 1,090-kg car to some top speed of 120 km/h. Lightweight construction does its component: The steel chassis with horizontal shock absorbers has a sturdy composite body combined with use of polymer plastic materials.

The parasitic dashboard is in the form of a huge breadbox - and also the fine cover created from braided plastics given by polymer maker Ticona - opened in breadbox fashion to show the control elements along with the revolutionary VDO display.

The Rinspeed BamBoo - explained Rinspeed as a "grown-up golf cart" - isn’t truly our kind of auto that has made apparently clear using the statement made at the end from the press release.

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