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Electric Vehicles to be launched in Hawaii by Mitsubishi

Electric Vehicles to be launched in Hawaii by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi will introduce a new electric vehicle with lithium ion batteries in Hawaii. For the launching of its new electric vehicle in November Mitsubishi have chosen four states from the North America and Hawaii is one of those estates. Japan automaker announce that it has selected Hawaii and 3 other states to get a North American launching of its 2012 Mitsubishi "i" electric vehicles in November.

The "i" will have a retail price of about $27,990. Federal and state tax credits could consider the cost down to practically $16,000.

Mitsubishi will be the third major carmaker to offer a mass-produced electric auto in Hawaii. Business officials repeat the "i" is going to be offered for test drives in Aiea inside the fall. The electric vehicles can also be accessible in California, Oregon and Washington. The company has already created a site for Hawaii residents to order the vehicle having a refundable deposit.

Mitsubishi's electric car is costing below the Leaf at about $33,000 along with the Volt at $40,000, both before tax credits. However 145 inches long with a curb weight of 2,595 pounds, the Mitsubishi "i" is drastically smaller. The Leaf is 175 inches long and weighs 3,354 pounds, whilst the Volt measures 177 inches and tips the scales at 3,781 pounds.

Mitsubishi said the "i" will likely be available for test drive in Aiea Cutter Mitsubishi "later this fall." It expects the first vehicles will be available for buy in November in Hawaii, California, Oregon and Washington.

Hawaii residents can visit a Mitsubishi web site,, and set down a refundable amount of $299 to book a car. Mitsubishi stated it will waive the $99.99 electrical home inspection fee for that first 2,000 individuals who location a reservation and obtain one of the electric cars.

Its North American version of the "i" -MiEV, when compared with the European- and Japanese- spec i-MiEVs, features an improved, enlarged physiology to secure plenty of space for four adults and better meet the expectations of U.S. buyers. Airbags that sense passengers' seating position with control deployment force, Tire Pressure Monitoring Program (TPMS), and Active Stability Control (ASC) are typical regular equipment.