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Discontinuation of Mazda6 is just a Rumour

Discontinuation of Mazda6 is just a Rumour

Recently it reported that Mazda will stop the Mazda6, its reasonably priced midsize sedan. But, immediately after calling Mazda spokespersons, various publications have confirmed why these rumors are false.

Based on Car and Driver and Left Lane News, the 6 are going to be around for a while distant. This is consistent with what we were told during a recent discussion with Mazda’s CEO of United States Jim O’Sullivan,” Car and Driver writes, “who indicated that the present generation of 6 would be around for the next several years.”
While the Mazda6 will remain in the market for the present time, there is no declaration on when the midsize car will retire. Car and Driver says it should have an upgrade to Mazda’s new four-cylinder engine Skyactive that can replace the current model’s 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Left Lane News also are in touched with Mazda, who verified that, “There is totally no intention to discontinue Mazda6 - it remains a critical component of Mazda’s item lineup,” according to a firm spokesman.

When rumors that Mazda would end making for the 6 circulated, the automotive press hasn’t surprised due to the fact it is one of Mazda’s lowest sold vehicles. In the website article, Mazda notes that in April 2011, it sold 2,734 models. Though that is a 7.8 percent enhance from last year, sales for the 6 had been still lesser than the Mazda CX-7 as well as CX-9's, actual sales numbers had been 2,873 and two,750 vehicles, respectively. The sales of these designs include jumped over 23 percent in the last year.

If you would like a Mazda6 or can be a faithful admire in the automaker’s only midsize sports car, there’s no need to be anxious, at the least in the meantime. The truth is, in case you do pick to purchase one, you’ll get what reviewers contemplate an incredible vehicle, because it ranks extremely among affordable midsize cars for the V6 engine, comfy interior and massive trunk.