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Volkswagen looking for more in its Green efforts

Volkswagen looking for more in its Green efforts

When hybrid vehicles first broke on the scene within the early 2000s, environmentalists lauded and green-minded buyers are the impressive way forward to the auto industry.

Now, almost a decade later,it appears like each and every company has hopped aboard the hybrid train.

That comprises Volkswagen; the company offers an ever-growing range of super-efficient hybrids as well as diesels.

But in case you ask Doug Miles, general manager at Seacoast Volkswagen, his dealerships green footprint does not end while using cars driven off the lot.
"We're really lucky to be in a position where we can be an early adopter of new, green technologies, both with our cars and with our energy use," said Miles. "Most car dealerships in this economy have had a tough go of it, but we're fortunate enough to have been in the market of fuel-efficient vehicles for a long time."
First off, anybody driving from the Route 33 dealership could be difficult pressed to miss its 35-foot wind mill. Installed by Seabrook-based Waterline Alternative Energies, the turbine is the very first of its type to get installed with an auto dealership in New Hampshire.

Then there's the forthcoming 80-panel, 19.2-kilowatt solar photovoltaic method - also purchased from Waterline - to be positioned on the showroom's roof. The newest array is anticipated to create Thirty percent with the dealership's electricity requirements on sunny days.

Miles says the dealership is awaiting word on federal and state grants to the project, with plans to "break ground" sometime inside the spring.
Beyond the big-ticket items, Seacoast Volkswagen has instituted numerous smaller green initiatives considering that moving from Portsmouth to Greenland seven in years past, including retrofitting all 60 parking zone lamps with LED bulbs - in the method slashing electricity through the lamps by 75 %.
In an effort to tout its green initiatives, in February Seacoast Volkswagen joined the Green Alliance, a Seacoast-based "green business union" that helps certify and promote sustainability-minded businesses throughout the location.

But though the dealership's sustainability-driven initiatives may possibly speak straight to the equally eco-minded nature with the local clientele, for Miles, being environmental friendly does mean saving a bit, too. "A definite side benefit of all these features is absolutely the marketing and cost factors,” he said. "The paybacks are reasonably fast, especially for the LED lighting, and that made the decisions that much easier.”