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With Green Technologies, Toyota approaches China

With Green Technologies, Toyota approaches China

Akio Toyota president of Toyota announced in the Shanghai Auto Show that the company plans to set up all of its green technologies to China, which surprises the gathered crowds and also automobile industry analysts.

In addition, it means Toyota has started to fulfill its “new vision” in China market. In fact, Toyota continues to be the first automaker to make and sell new energy vehicles in China marketplace. It's got introduced Lexus hybrids, Prius, and Camry hybrid to China. Faced with brutal energy calamity, China has major plans to add mass to new energy vehicles. The United States plans to sell five million new energy cars by 2020, along with the sales of moderate hybrids and strong hybrids will account for extra than 50% from the total sales of passenger vehicles.

It is clear the automaker that can take initiative now in the green technology could have opportunity to dominate china auto market in the future, which includes made Toyota much more confident concerning the hybrid market.

It started road test of plug-in hybrid vehicles in Tianjin from your end of last year, and intends to test electric vehicles this year. Akio Toyoda says the company would increase the neighborhood manufacture of hybrids parts having its Changshu-based R&D center mainly, so as to facilitate the local manufacture of hybrid vehicles.