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Car Buyers are still in a dilemma to purchase Green Cars

Car Buyers are still in a dilemma to purchase Green Cars

Even though all the hype around electric and hybrid cars -- and a rapid increase in the variety of available models, according to new survey most of the cars shoppers are not ready to buy. In case of hybrid cars, the problem is easy cost.

Auto shoppers would like to do their part to help environmental surroundings, so long as their part does not involve paying much more.

The bottom line is that many consumers desire to be green, but not if there is a considerable individual cost in their mind," stated Mike VanNieuwkuyk, director of global vehicle investigation at J.D. Power and Associates.

Plug-in and Hybrid cars are estimated to make up less than 10% of new auto sales by way of 2016, according to data from consumer surveys as well as other market research, J.D. Power said in an announcement.
Most auto shoppers who're taking into consideration alternative-fuel vehicles simply wish to save revenue on gasoline, based on the 2011 U.S. Green Automotive Study by J.D. Power and Associates.

Among those that said they might take into account a gasoline/electric hybrid vehicle for his or her next purchase, gas savings was the cited like a reason by 75% while the environmental benefits were an issue for less than about half.

Especially as federal tax advantages for hybrids phase out, hybrid cars are observed as too high priced, based on the J.D. Power survey.
Purely electric plug-in cars also face cost issues but, for now, limited driving range is really a bigger issue for most shoppers, according to laptop computer. Largely for this reason, plug-in cars hold the lowest amounts of thought on the 3 major alternative fuel choices.

The survey also inquired on diesel-powered cars, that are extra fuel saves than gasoline cars. Diesel technology is hampered by concerns on the accessibility to diesel fuel at the same time because it is price. At present, diesel expenses about 25 cents a gallon more than normal gasoline. Diesel vehicles themselves also are usually a more costly than gasoline-powered models.